Update about our COVID-Safe Plan 23 September 2021

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29 September, 2021

Masks must be worn in shared indoor places (Church, Chapel, Hall & Office), except when consuming food and beverages.

Singing by worshippers is permitted at indoor public places, but masks must be worn. If you choose to sing, consider bringing a spare mask in a ziplock bag to change masks when it becomes damp. Only a performer is currently permitted to sing without a mask.

Density limit is now 3 people per 4 square meters. Please continue to use every second row in the Chapel. Please maintain physical distancing where possible.

Holy Communion: regular communing practice has resumed (you go forward to receive communion)

Morning Tea: has resumed; please follow the server's instructions.

QR Code scan or sign-in when you arrive, for all family members.

If you feel unwell, you must not attend worship, and should seek medical advice.