St John's Women

Tuesday Morning Bible Study Group

This bible study group of women across ages and stages meets every Tuesday morning at the St John's Ministry Centre at 9:45 during school terms, they begin their time together with a morning tea followed by a bible study where they work through various books of the bible throughout the year.

Everyone is invited and welcome to join us to grow in faith, connection and friendship.

St John's Women

Women’s Fellowship

This is an active fellowship with a strong service focus, meeting for Devotion, Bible study with song and prayer as well as a blessing for the meal prepared by the month's hostesses. There are often Guest Speakers and a collection is taken for current LWA and LWSA/NT projects.

The Women's Fellowship meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 10:00am in the Church/Hall.

New members are always welcome.


Pastoral Care Team

As the Pastoral care team, we provide support to families and individuals as we develop a growing understanding of the needs and circumstances in our community. We further provide support to our congregation and community by praying, providing practical help to those who need support, hospital and home visits and pastoral care conversations.

Please let us know if we can support you in any way.

St John's Care Team

Helping Hands

Helping-Hands are an intentional group of volunteers who offer support, in the form of meals, to members in times of crisis or need, actively sharing the love of Jesus.

St John's Children

First Communion

Through the meal of Holy Communion, we receive the gift of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus, given through bread and wine. In worship, baptised children of God are invited to regularly eat and drink at the Lord’s Table to receive the assurance of sins forgiven and life with God forever. Before regularly receiving Holy Communion, we offer instruction about what Holy Communion means and how God wants to grow us in him. As 1 Corinthians 10:16 says: ‘Is not the cup of thanksgiving for which we give thanks a participation in the blood of Christ? And is not the bread that we break a participation in the body of Christ?’

To help prepare young children, St John’s provides a short First Communion program over several Sundays each year. Parents and their children attend the program together before celebrating their First Communion milestone.

Children are generally in years 3-5 when preparing for First Communion, but this is negotiable. Older and younger children and adults are also welcome to participate in the First Communion program.

St John's Children

GIFT - Generations In Faith Together

Passing on the Christian faith is supported with partnerships between individuals and families across the generations within our congregation.

God has blessed St John’s with people across all generations. Each generation can learn, grow and be blessed as we interact together. Generations in Faith Together (affectionately called GIFT) is the name we give to intentional activities and events that bring the generations together to encourage all ages in their faith as they participate in a common activity.

No matter what age you are, you are invited to join in and celebrate life together!

‘From generation to generation we will proclaim your praise’. (Psalm 79:13)


Faith Trails Ministries

When Christian parents choose to have their children baptised, they agree to partner with the congregation to bring up their children to know Jesus as their Saviour and to grow their child’s identity as a part of the body of Christ.

Our Faith Trail Ministry is our congregation’s commitment to support and resource families as we “grow up to Christ” (Ephesians 14:15) together.

Parents are invited to attend mini workshop events so that they can be equipped to best support their child’s faith formation according to the age of their child. Children and families are then blessed, gifted and prayed for in our Sunday worship.


Growing Faith at Home

See this week's TAKING FAITH HOME page - button on the left. GROWING FAITH AT HOME is a weekly lectionary-based resource to help your households live, share and celebrate faith together each and every week!

- Looking for a way to link Sunday worship with household faith formation Sunday to Sunday?

- Want to provide resources to help parents and grandparents pass on the Christian faith in their homes?

A resource that connects weekly congregational worship with the faith life of the home.

Where does GROWING FAITH AT HOME come from?

GROWING FAITH AT HOME is developed by the Lutheran Church of Australia department, Grow Ministries

Is GROWING FAITH AT HOME only for families with children or youth?

People of all ages can use the devotional resources (Bible readings, prayers, blessings) in their personal or couple ‘quiet times’.

Small groups, ministry teams and committees can also benefit from using the Faith Talk questions for spiritual reflection and focus.

Using GROWING FAITH AT HOME to its full potential requires more than simply photocopying the resources and distributing them to select households. It has proven to be of most benefit when reinforced through Sunday worship, promoted to households on an ongoing basis and supplemented with practical teaching and training.

A Congregational users guide and Home user's guide have been developed to help you introduce the resource to your congregation and support its use over time.

If you would like to know more about mentoring, check out the Mentoring Equipping documents attached.